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Happy People, Happy Boats!

Pickle Pub Crawl - FAQs

We want you to have a wonderful experience, these FAQs will help you understand what to expect.

1. Where do I buy tickets?

Please call us to inquire about tickets for the 2018 season. There are a limited number of daily tickets so purchase early! (Sorry no refunds, so please make sure you know how many people are in your group before purchasing) 

2. How much do tickets cost?


3. How many hops can I take?

You can take 4 ferry hops - once completed, feel free to carry on by foot!

4. Do we have to start the tour at the ticket pickup location?

Yes, this gives us a chance to tell you which venues are at capacity and offer suggestions.

5. Can I reserve tickets?  

No, but you can purchase tickets! However, there are a limited number of tickets available on a daily basis.

6. Do we get priority seating at the venues?  

No, Pickle Pub Crawl participation does not give you priority seating.

7. Can we have a private boat?

No, our 12 passenger taxis are not specific to Pickle Pub Crawls.

8. Can we pay individually at the venues?

No, please plan ahead.

9. We are a group of 5, do we each get our own appetizer?  

No, you get one appetizer for every group of 4 (with the purchase of beverages). If you have 8 people, you will receive 2 appetizers. If you have 5 people, you only get 1 appetizer.

10. Do we have to have at least 4 people to do the crawl?  

No, you can still do the pub crawl, but you need to have four people to receive a free appetizer.

11. How long is the trip between venues? 

The trip time between venues may vary. Please note that on weekends, the wait at each ferry stop can be longer.

12. Is the route pre-planned?  

No, it's up to you! But, our captains can help you decide on a route.

13. Can we go to venues that aren't listed?  

Sure, but why waste an appetizer! Only Pickle Pub Crawl venues will offer the free appetizer deal.

14. Do we have to buy beverages in order to get a free appetizer?

Yes, you can purchase alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

15. Can we buy tickets on the day of our pub crawl?

Yes, but only if there are tickets left!