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Happy People, Happy Boats!

Large Groups

Please note: Groups that are between 4-6 people benefit the most from this experience. Catering to large groups can be difficult, especially on the weekends.  

If you do have a large group, here's what you need to know:

  1. We allow a maximum of 10 people every 30 minutes to come down to the dock to pick up tickets.
  2. If you are apart of a large group, perhaps choose to schedule your PPC earlier in the week. We have the most volume from Thursday to Sunday.    
  3. We have limited tickets available on a daily basis so purchase your tickets early. 
  4. Wristbands DO NOT guarantee seating in the venues. Large groups typically have longer waiting times on the weekends.
  5. Wait times for ferries can sometimes be more than 45 minutes. The ferries are especially busy on the weekends.
  6. Your large group will likely have to split up due to venue capacity and seats on the ferry - our taxis hold 12 passengers.  
  7. Please call the venues ahead of time to notify them before arrival and the size of your party. If you cannot make a reservation, ask if you can be accommodated.  
  8. Our captains and the venues have the right to refuse service if required. 
  9. Most venues prefer to issue one bill per group. Please plan ahead.