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Victoria Harbour Ferry
Happy People, Happy Boats!

Water Taxis

H2O Taxi Hops

Victoria Harbour Ferry service covers all major points of interest in Victoria’s Outer, Middle and Upper Harbour, with connections at each stop to walkways, a short distance from bus stops.

With over 14 Victoria Harbour ferries we are able to service all of our stops around Victoria Harbour quickly and efficiently. Please see the attached route map for ferry stops throughout the harbour.

Our Water Taxis operate as a taxi service would, not as a bus service. While they are not on a set 'schedule' they do circle the harbour continuously, and transport riders where they need to go. 

Visitors looking to ‘hop’ from point to point around the harbour have two options: for those looking to do only a few hops, you may pay the Captain directly. For those doing several hops, the Hop Card below is a great option.

Hop cards are a great way to travel when planning on making more than one stop in the harbour. They are prepaid punch cards that allow for the ease of hopping on and off our harbour ferries.

  • The card gives you $40 worth of travel but is discounted and costs $35. The average cost per hop is $5/person. This allows for 8 hops per card while you only pay for 7.
  • Several of people can use this card at the same time which makes it ideal for pub crawls and family outings.
  • If you are travelling with a group of people, you need to count the number of stops you want to make, multiply by the number of guests and then figure how many cards you will need.
  • They can be pre-purchased from any of our staff
  • There is no expiry date