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Victoria Harbour Ferry
Happy People, Happy Boats!

Harbour Ferry Water Ballet to start Sunday, May 18th

Posted by Stephanie on

Victoria Harbour Ferry hits the water for its 22nd Annual Harbour Ferry Water Ballet season this Sunday, May 18th, 2014 at 10:45am. Performed weekly in the heart of the Inner Harbour, the 10-minute Water Ballet showcases the agility of iconic boats and the Ballet Captains’ practiced ability to manoeuvre their vessels in sync to a select ballet song.

Every Sunday morning from May through September, five green Harbour Ferries line up at the Causeway Marina and perform for hundreds of onlookers. The complex “dance steps” – which combine military marching and RCMP Musical Ride manoeuvres, as well as a touch of creative choreography – requires the Ballet Captains to practice weekly. During the performance, the Captains cannot even hear the music and rely solely on the Ballet Leader to shout out turn sequences.

With over 300 performances and tens of thousands of onlookers to date, the Ballet remains the world’s only water ballet and has been featured in news articles, magazine stories, and TV shows around the globe. Following the performance, you can find the Ballet Captains, sporting their new red shirts that proudly display a Harbour Ferry Ballet crest, at the Causeway Marina dock.

New this year is the addition of a Saturday Ballet in July and August, sponsored by Delta Ocean Pointe Resort & Spa. In addition, Bard & Banker Scottish Pub will sponsor the Sunday Ballet in July and August.




Where:       Inner Harbour Causeway Marina, Victoria, BC

When:        10:45am

                  Every Sunday, May 18th to September 28th

                  Every Saturday, July 5th to August 30th

Admission:  Free!


Visit the Causeway Marina in downtown Victoria this summer to see the Harbour Ferries in action!